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Discovering the Advantages of Dental Bridges

April 30, 2024

Living with missing teeth can be tough, affecting not only your confidence when you smile but also making it challenging to chew and maintain good oral health. Here at Dentasia Dental Services, we specialize in providing effective solutions for missing teeth, including fixed dental bridges. Our goal is to help every patient regain the joy of a complete and radiant smile.

The impact of missing teeth goes beyond creating gaps in your smile

When you lose teeth, it can trigger a series of changes that may negatively affect your overall dental health. The remaining teeth might drift or tilt into the space left by the missing teeth over time, and teeth on the opposite jaw could gradually shift downward towards the empty area. Considering these potential consequences, replacing missing teeth is crucial. A dental bridge offers an excellent option to prevent such shifts, rebuild a full smile, and restore optimal function in areas affected by tooth loss.

Traditional fixed bridges: A reliable approach

A conventional fixed dental bridge has been a dependable method of care for years. It replaces missing teeth with artificial teeth called "pontics" and draws support from the adjacent natural teeth, which are prepared and crowned. The number of adjacent teeth that need to be crowned depends on the number of missing teeth being replaced and their location.

Once crafted and fitted, a dental bridge will be securely cemented in place. Like crowns, fixed bridges are designed with precision to mimic the appearance of natural teeth and create a comfortable, functional, and healthy bite.

Implant-supported bridges: A modern alternative

Dental implants offer an innovative and versatile option for replacing missing teeth. Unlike traditional fixed bridges, they preserve the integrity of adjacent natural teeth. Implants function much like the roots of natural teeth and provide the foundation needed to support a short or long-span fixed bridge without having to prepare any surrounding teeth. Furthermore, as implants fuse with the surrounding bone during a process called osseointegration, they gain strength and stability, enabling them to bear the stress of daily oral function. Implants also supply ongoing stimulation to the surrounding bone, preventing the bone loss typically associated with tooth loss. By maintaining the bone in areas without teeth, dental implants help support normal facial contours and prevent sagging.

At Dentasia Dental Services, we evaluate every aspect of your smile to develop a customized treatment plan that delivers attractive, healthy, and long-lasting results. Contact our office today for more information on dental bridges or any services we provide.

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